4 Simple Steps for Saving Money for Your Future

With all the gadgets, leisure destinations and other popular commodities available today, saving money has become even harder. Oftentimes, we get so caught up in buying the latest material things that we tend to forget about the most important thing that we should do – which is to save money.

All your hard work at the office will be put to waste if you wake up one day and you realize that you have nothing prepared for your future. To make sure this doesn’t happen, you have to protect yourself and your loved ones from being bankrupt and secure your family’s future.

saving money for the future

Follow the simple guidelines below and help yourself become more financially stable.

Get organized

One of the reasons why we fail to save money is because we do not understand how much we earn or how much we spend. To better understand the flow of money in your household, you have to get organized about the paperwork. Take time to write down and track your finances on paper and understand the flow of income. This can be very demanding because of all the details and numbers but seeing everything organized and written on paper will help you have a clearer understanding of your money.

Learn to adjust.

Once you have studied your monthly flow of income and expenses, adjust your lifestyle accordingly. If you notice that you are spending a lot more than your earnings, maybe it’s time to cut down on the expensive lifestyle. Little things like skipping that venti frap or bringing packed lunch to the office instead of eating out will go a long way.

No impulse shopping.

While certain purchases like food, clothing and office supplies are necessary, we should avoid impulse shopping, especially if the items you want to buy are not immediate needs. It is completely fine to reward yourself from time to time but make sure that your budget allows it. Whenever you are out and around shopping boutiques, remember to think first before you buy. Do I really need this? Can it wait? Ask yourself these questions before making the purchase.

Seek help from professionals.

If fixing all your financial data is too much for you, consider hiring a professional to help you out with this daunting task. While this may add further to your expenses, it will definitely pay off in the long run. Professional organizers and accountants are experts in this field and will help you understand the process. Research the proper agencies and companies that provide the best service. You can go to smsfselfmanagedsuperfund.com.au to learn more about taking control of your super and your finances.

Consistency and determination is the key to making this work. While there are too many temptations out there that might entice you to splurge your hard earned money, remember to always keep your focus so you will not stray from your goals. Financial freedom is within reach for anyone who is determined to succeed.

Pedestal sump pumps


The pedestal pump is designed for use in home to draw water from sumps. It is usually equipped with an 8-ft long, 3-prong grounding type power cord. Motor is air cooled; it is not designed to operate under water. The pump id operated using a float switch that is provided for automatic pump operation.

For purposes of preserving the aquatic life this pump is not suitable for use in places where there is some aquatic life.

A pedestal sump pump requires a ground fault circuit interrupter.

One should be aware that this pump is for use on 120 Volt, 60 Hz and 15 Amp single phase source and is equipped with a three conductor cord and a three prong grounding plug.



Pedestal pump Installation

  1. Install pump in a sump pit with minimum size as shown. Construct sump pit of tile, concrete, steel or plastic.
  2. Locate unit on a solid, level foundation. Do not place pump directly on clay, earth, gravel or sandy surface. These surfaces contain small stones, gravel, sand, etc. that may clog or damage the pump and cause pump failure.
  3. Thread check valve (not included) into pump body carefully to avoid stripping or cross threading.
  4. Connect around a quarter inch rigid pipe to rubber boot on check valve. Reverse boot for one inch diameter pipe and tighten hose clamps.
  5. Protect electrical cord from sharp objects, hot surfaces, oil and chemicals. Avoid kinking the cord and replace damaged cords immediately.
  6. A sump pit cover must be installed to prevent debris from clogging or damaging the pump.
  7. Insert the float switch cord plug directly into a 120 volt outlet

Adjusting and Testing pedestal pump

Tis is usually important so as to know whether your pump is in good condition before starting to use it.

  1. First the sump is filled with water.
  2. Then the rubber grommet is adjusted into a permanent position on float rod so that the pump switches on with an approximate level of fourteen of water in the sump.
  3. While the pump is draining the pit, verify that the discharge piping is carrying the water to a point several feet away from the foundation.
  4. If the pump discharge line is exposed to freezing temperature, the exposed line must be pitched to drain. This is because trapped water will freeze and damage the pump.

Safety rules to observe with pedestal pump

  1. If repairs are required, see troubleshooting chart.
  2. If the motor is disassembled prior to expiration of warranty will void the warranty.
  3. Keep pump inlet clean and free of all foreign objects and inspect annually. This is because a clogged inlet will damage pump.
  4. Check pump monthly for proper operation.

NOTE: A pump that has a tripped thermal protector may start suddenly!

Symptom Possible, their Cause(s) and corresponding Corrective Action

  1. Pump will not start


  1. Blown fuse.
  2. Low line voltage.
  3. Defective motor.
  4. Defective switch.
  5. Impeller.
  6. Float obstructed.

Corrective Action:

  1. If blown, replace with proper sized fuse or reset breaker.
  2. If voltage is under 108 volts, check wiring size.
  • Replace motor or pump.
  1. Replace switch.
  2. If impeller will not turn, remove housing and remove blockage.
  3. Make sure float moves freely up and down.
  1. Pump start and stops too often


  1. Back flow of water from piping.
  2. Float out of adjustment.

Corrective Action:

  1. Install or replace check valve.
  2. Adjust grommet.
  1. Pump will not shut off or thermal protector turns off



  1. Defective switch.
  2. Obstacle in piping.
  • Float obstructed.

Corrective Action:

  1. Replace switch.
  2. Remove pump and clean pump and piping.
  • Make sure float moves freely up and down.


  1. Pump operates but delivers little or no water


  1. Low line voltage.
  2. Plugged impeller.

Corrective Action:

  1. If voltage is under 108 volts, check wiring size.
  2. Clean out impeller.


Self-managed superannuation funds

Superannuation in Australia refers to the arrangements which people make in Australia to have funds available for them when they retirement. In Australia it is government-supported and encouraged and minimum provisions are compulsory for employees.

One can withdraw funds out of a superannuation fund when the person meets one of the conditions of release contained in Schedule 1 of the Superannuation Industry Regulations 1994.

Since its introduction, employers have been required to make compulsory contributions to superannuation on behalf of most of their employees. This contribution was originally set at 3% of the employees’ income, and has been gradually increased by the Australian government.


The compulsory superannuation combined with the resilient economic growth has turned Australia into a shareholder society, where most workers are now indirect investors in the stock market. Consequently, a lively personal investment marketplace has developed, and many Australians take an interest in investment topics.

Employers on the other hand are required by law to pay a superannuation guarantee contribution amounts to a designated superannuation fund for their employees at 9.5% of their wages and salaries. Employers are not required to make employer contributions for employees earning less than $450 per month not working more than 30 hours per week, or for employees aged under 18 or over 70. If however they are earning $450 per month before tax and working more than 30 hours per week full-time, part-time or casual, the employer is required to pay superannuation regardless of being under 18. They are also required to complete one per tax year. Employer contributions are required to be paid to a fund at least every three months. The superannuation contributions are invested over the period of the employees’ working life and the sum of compulsory and voluntary contributions, plus earnings, less taxes and fees is paid to the person when they choose to retire. The sum most people receive is predominantly made up of compulsory employer contributions.

There are special rules which apply in relation to employers providing defined benefit arrangements. Also there are less common traditional employer funds where benefits are determined by a formula usually based on final average salary and length of service.

The Self-managed superannuation funds work as trusts with trustees being responsible for the prudential operation of their funds and in formulating and implementing an investment strategy. Some specific duties and obligations are codified in the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993. Trustees are liable under law for breaches of obligations. Superannuation trustees have, inter alia, an obligation to ensure that superannuation monies are invested prudently with consideration given to diversification and liquidity.

Funds are not subject to any asset requirements or investment exposure flaws. There are no minimum rate of return requirements. However, there are some minor restrictions on borrowing and the use of derivatives and investments in the shares and property of employer sponsors of funds. Therefore, superannuation funds invest in a wide variety of assets with a mix of duration and risk/return characteristics.

Types of superannuation funds

There are seven main types of superannuation funds:

  • Industry Funds — they are multiemployer funds run by employer associations and/or unions. They are run solely for the benefit of members as there are no shareholders.
  • Wholesale Master Trusts — they are multiemployer funds run by financial institutions for groups of employees. These are also classified as Retail funds by APRA.
  • Retail Master Trusts/Wrap platforms — are funds run by financial institutions for individuals.
  • Employer Stand-alone Funds — are funds established by employers for their employees. Each fund has its own trust structure that is not necessarily not shared by other employers.
  • Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs or Do-It-Yourself Funds) — are funds established for a small number of individuals (limited to 4) and regulated by the Australian Taxation Office. Generally the Trustees of the fund are the fund members (where there is a Corporate Trustee, the members are the directors of that company).
  • Small APRA Funds (SAFs) — this are funds established for a small number of individuals (fewer than 5) but unlike SMSFs the Trustee is an Approved Trustee, not the member/s, and the funds are regulated by APRA. This structure is often used for members who want control of their superannuation investments but are unable or unwilling to meet the requirements of Trusteeship of an SMSF.
  • Public Sector Employees Funds— are funds established by governments for their employees.

Read more: Taxation of Superannuation in Australia

How to Choose a Payroll Service

As your business grows and evolves, you will undoubtedly encounter more problems. It’s not only a matter of buying necessities, from office supplies to business equipment, you also need to hire new employees and purchase new space for additional storage. And of course, this also means additional paperwork and reporting. As your business gets bigger, things are becoming more complex.

If you’re already tired of handling your payroll and other financial issues by hand, it might be time to pass the tedious task off to an outsourced payroll service. Switching to an expert can provide you so many benefits, including reducing cost, saving time, and minimizing mistakes. So if you’re ready to take the leap to hire a professional service, here’s the guide to help you make the right choice.

payroll services

Know your needs

There are more than a dozen of payroll services to choose from, so it’s crucial to identify your specific payroll requirements and search for a provider that offers what you need. The thing is not everyone offers the same kinds of service. There are companies that only specialize in calculating tax obligations and writing checks; there are providers that only handle payroll and insurance accounts; and there are others that go a step further and deliver additional services, including administering employee benefits, deducting for retirement plans, etc. Look for someone who can cover all of your accounting needs.


It can really be hard to identify the actual cost of an outsourced service because companies usually have different payment structures. Some service providers charge on a monthly basis, some collect quarterly, and there are also others that charge a fixed price or hourly. It’s very important to talk with the service provider and choose the one you feel you’re most comfortable with. Before choosing, however, make sure that the setup fees are reasonable for the service they will render. You may also want to check if the fees you were quoted are subject to change, and if there are hidden charges. The bottom line is to choose the one that you think will give you the most value for your money.

Standards of service

When looking for a payroll service provider, it pays to choose a company that can process the data you need accurately and on time. Ask them – what are the turnaround times? You’ll also want to verify if they maintain high degree of accuracy, comply with the tax rules and deadlines, as well as deliver work that doesn’t need frequent checking and fixing. And if, for instance, there are some errors in the data, what methods do they use to correct the issue? It is also crucial to ensure that they use reliable software in maintaining and calculating your finances.


One of the most important things to also consider before choosing an outsourced service provider is if the company can really be trusted. To verify, ask them for customer references to hear about others’ experiences with them. You can also ask someone you know who have experience working with the company that you’re planning to hire. Also find reviews online, and determine if the company is really worth hiring for. The financial stability of the company is also an important factor to consider since you will trust it with large amount of money that you and your employees’ worked hard for.


Finally, you want to verify that all your data are securely kept and taken care of. Ask the provider what kind of data-security procedures they use. Are confidential information and data stored in secured locations? Are backup copies maintained in secured but accessible locations in case of disaster? Do they use encrypted connections to prevent exposure of sensitive data, especially to unauthorized individuals?

Indeed, choosing a reliable payroll service provider can be quite overwhelming. But if you do your research and ask the right questions, you can find the service provider that is right for you.

Tips to Choose the Best Makeup Brush

Most women have at least a few set of makeup tools and brushes in their drawers and bags. And I believe, you, too, own some. But the question is, do you have the right ones?

Just like anything else, putting on makeup requires right tools. It is impossible to achieve the look that you want without having the right ones on hand. However, with the so many different types of brushes available in the market, the process of selecting the best one can be intimidating. Here, we will help you find the perfect makeup brush for your everyday need.

top makeup brushes

Choose the brush material.

One of the most important factors when choosing makeup brushes is the material in which the brush is made of. There are commonly two types of bristles to choose from: the synthetic and the natural bristles. Of course, if you will ask us, we recommend the natural one. Natural makeup brushes are better as they are able to spread and blend the makeup products on your face more effectively. They are also better for skin, making them the best choice for people with sensitive skin.

The only downside, however, is that natural makeup brushes are more expensive than synthetic. But the high quality of the brushes is certainly worth the price. Apart from having the ability to apply makeup effectively, these products can also last for a long time, if you care for them properly. Although natural makeup brushes are better, we still encourage you to also consider buying synthetic brushes, especially if you often use creams and liquids. Synthetic makeup brushes are best suited for cream and liquid makeup products, while natural brushes are better for dry products.

Choose the size and firmness.

When it comes to choosing makeup brushes, size definitely matters. Your brush size should match your face size in order to get your desired result. For instance, if you have a wider face, then choose a wider brush. If you have a smaller face, then use a smaller brush. Don’t use a brush that is too big or too small for your face as this can’t create an accurate application of makeup products on your face, especially on the corners. The trick here is to get a brush with a width that complements your face shape.

In addition, choose a brush that is non-irritating and comfortable to use on your face. The top powder brushes have soft, round, and natural bristles that are effective in giving a more even and natural-looking finish.

Choose various brushes you need.

As you know, there are different types of makeup brushes. Well, you don’t necessarily have to own everything, but you want to make sure that you have different types in your collection to use on a daily basis. The five most useful makeup brushes that you may want to have are the following: powder brush, foundation brush, concealer brush, blush brush, and eye shadow brush.

Just like your home, your makeup brushes are considered an investment. A good quality makeup brush will help you experiment with various makeup techniques, as well as achieve the looks you desire.


A sewing machine is a machine used to stitch fabric and other materials together with thread. Sewing machines were invented during the first Industrial Revolution to decrease the amount of manual sewing work performed in clothing companies. Since the invention of the first working sewing machine, generally considered to have been the work of Englishman Thomas Saint in 1790, the sewing machine has greatly improved the efficiency and productivity of the clothing industry.

Home sewing machines are designed for one person to sew individual items while using a single stitch type. In a modern sewing machine the fabric easily glides in and out of the machine without the inconvenience of needles and thimbles and other such tools used in hand sewing, automating the process of stitching and saving time.

best sawing machine

Industrial sewing machines, by contrast to domestic machines, are larger, faster, and more varied in their size, cost, appearance, and task.

William Jones started making sewing machines in 1859 and in 1860 formed a partnership with Thomas Chadwick. As Chadwick & Jones, they manufactured sewing machines at Ashton-under-Lyne, England until 1863. Their machines used designs from Howe and Wilson produced under licence. Thomas Chadwick later joined Bradbury & Co. William Jones opened a factory in Guide Bridge, Manchester in 1869. In 1893 a Jones advertising sheet claimed that this factory was the “Largest Factory in England Exclusively Making First Class Sewing Machines”. The firm was renamed as the Jones Sewing Machine Co. Ltd and was later acquired by Brother Industries of Japan, in 1968.

Their are two types of sewing machine: Industrial and Home sewing machine. You can find the best sewing machine and the best sewing machine for quilting to choose the best sewing machines and buy yours.

In the new America, All things need to be perfect and best. And that’s what Southern party dreams of. They give you the best suggestions for various types of things. They can give you the advice to buy the best sewing machine there and other important things we use in our daily life. You can go to their websites and find out your selves. To go to their website, click here.

Do More With Payroll Service Australia

Do you find it hard to maintain a good payroll system in your office? Would you like to allot more time on doing other functions yet tied up on payroll? Are you looking to be free from any payroll hassles? Do you realize that by hiring payroll services can cut some costs on processing of payroll? If so, then you may want to learn more about the characteristics on how effective is payroll services as opposed to in-house payroll department.

payroll services

  1. Being accountable. When you hire a reputable payroll service, you can make sure that they will be accountable for any sort of errors that they make. They will quickly identify and correct the mistakes. Errors made from such providers are very minimal because they have error checking system that is built-in their software. This can catch errors prior to the money transfers and check issuance to your company.
  2. Compliance with the law. The payrollserviceaustralia.com.au/ can guarantee that they will follow the tax law of various levels such as local, state and federal laws.
  3. Transfer of data online. With the fact that payroll is very important for any company, a good payroll service company enable online data transfer. It will ensure fast and smooth delivery of the required data right on time. Aside from that, quick accessibility should be available through online systems of web interface. With the web based access, your company will not be required to install and maintain any sort of software.
  4. Billing is flexible. A range of fee arrangements would be offered by payroll service Australia. It will allow you to select which among the payment scheme would work for you and your company.
  5. Online tools. A variety of online tools that your company can benefit from will also be offered. It includes payroll stub viewing, printing and many more. Business owners can also benefit from the online tools offered by payroll services.
  6. Provide top notch customer service. No matter which service you opt to get, customer service must be among the top characteristic of a provider. A reputable payroll service provider should be able to attend to any of your payroll related query within the quickest time. It should be before taking advantage of the service, while you have the service and even after the service.
  7. Offering advanced assistance. Your chosen company should be able to deliver more than what you expect. Just like payroll service Australia, they can offer various services for your company that can absolutely reduce having any issues with payroll. Hence, efficiency will be at its highest level.

There can be a lot of payroll service providers to select from. However, only a few would offer you exactly what you need at a cost that you can manage. Hence, you need to choose wisely which company to hire. To get started, trying out the services of Payrollserviceaustralia.com.au can be a great choice. The services they provide are simple, fast yet efficient. With all these qualities on hand, you can never go wrong with your payroll.

Buying Massage Chair: What Should I Look For In a Massage Chair?

With today’s increasing pace of life, everyone needs a time to sit down and relax even for a little while to forget all the life’s hassles and problems. And what could be a better way to do this than giving yourself a nice and soothing massage?

Okay, we all know that nothing still beats the power of human hands. But with the busy schedule that most of us have now today, going to massage therapists and even setting aside time for it can really be difficult. Not to mention the ever increasing fees that massage therapists charge these days. But there’s an alternative, and thanks to the ingenious ideas of amazing inventors because today, we can already enjoy a soothing massage even if we’re just at the comfort of our own home – and that’s with a massage chair for home. However, with the many different choices in the market, how would you find the best massage chair that meets all your requirements? Fret not because in this post, we will help you find the one that best suits your needs.

massage chair

  1. Identify your priorities. So you really need a massage chair. But what exactly the reason why you want to buy a massage chair? Do you want it for de-stressing at the end of long day’s work? Or do you want it because you want to treat a specific health condition? Remember, there are different types of chair massages and each of them is designed for specific purpose. It’s important to determine what you truly need in order to easily find out what kind of massage chair you should buy.
  1. Space at home. “Where would you put it?” It should also be one of the first questions you need to ask yourself when buying. Take note that most massage chairs are bulky, and to be able to use your chair effectively, you would need enough space in the room where you would place it. This is especially true when you’re considering buying a chair with a reclining feature. So it’s crucial to measure the space you have in mind before buying your chair.
  1. Who will be using it? Remember that massage chairs also have height and weight limits, so it’s crucial to determine who will use the chair that you plan buying. The chair must carry the weight and height of the users. Better if you give the massage chair a test drive to know if it really suits you. And it’s also very important to check if the materials used are sturdy and reliable.
  1. Most massage chairs have tons of features that people don’t actually use. It’s very important to choose the one with features that you really need to avoid overspending. Remember the first rule? You should identify your priorities. If you want to relax specific body areas, then choose a massage chair that does the job. However, if you’re sharing the chair with other people, it’s recommended to choose a chair that offers more massage coverage to get the best out of your money.
  1. Sort out your budget. Just like when buying other products, you also need to determine your budget when buying a massage chair. The price of massage chairs ranges from several hundred to several thousands of dollars. If you are on a tight budget, better to look for models with basic features. The thing is you will not need all the features of higher-priced models. However, if you have more money to spare, then you can consider buying a model with extra features.
  1. Massage chairs are a big investment so definitely, you would want to make sure that the chair will last a very long time. Ask the salesperson about the warranty of the product. A standard warranty should cover its parts, as well as labor.

Of course, before buying a massage chair, it’s also a good idea to talk with your doctor to ensure safety. Then if it’s fine with the doctor, you can then shop to reliable stores and online shops, such as http://www.massagechaircorner.com/.

Take a breather

Twenty-first century lifestyle depicts an individual’s inability to think of nothing but their work! Spending more than nine hours at work daily has resulted in having a close to non-existent social life and looking forward to going home and sleeping. Eventually that leads to what can be termed as being “Burnt Out”. Even though we all experience it, we do not take the necessary steps to resolve it. Taking vacations has therefore, become more than just a form of relaxation, it can now be termed as a necessity.

Ever heard of Kota Kinabalu? It is the state capital of Sabah, a tropical island located in the island of Borneo. The place is known for its hospitality and has amazing long beaches, paradise islands, rainforests and virgin coral reefs. It also has a mountain named after the state capital, Mount Kinabalu. Tourists are faced with an array of options when it comes to visiting the city.

Mount Kinabalu

Why should you rent a car?

It is not always easy to use public transport in foreign countries, especially if you cannot communicate with them in their native tongue. When vacationing, renting a car allows you the comfort of getting from point A to B easily. By default you do not have to resort to any other form of public transport and can visit the local attractions and tourist spots without having to worry about your own safety and security or about getting lost.

At Car Rental Kota Kinabalu, they offer the best deals for car rentals and they have a wide range of impressive cars to choose from. Depending on where the destination is, tourists can opt for a Sedan or a 4 Wheel Drive. The charges are affordable, making them well worth the money. They also give amazing discounts for to those who plan on renting a car for 5 days or more. The site also offers a lot of information regarding hotels and tour packages

If physical activities while vacationing are not your thing, then you can relax at one of the budget friendly hotels or resorts and catch up on the world. For instance, if you like politics, you can read up on the Southern Party that promotes “New America” and freedom. As can be assumed from the name, the party operated in the South only. Their online website also has links to their blogs that discuss about lost freedom rights as well as positive progresses in America.

Freedom is overrated in a sense. Although we have complete liberty to do whatever pleases us, we still do end up feeling shackled to the lives we lead. Sometimes it is necessary to let go of all the worries in one’s life and do nothing. Taking time off from work can be the very difference between feeling like you are in a dead end job and increasing your chances of securing that promotion. The method of relaxation varies from one individual to another but the outcome is the same; seeking mental peace.

6 Accessories You Should Have for Your Camera

So you have just bought a DSLR or compact digital camera and you are looking to get the best out of it. You can get more out of your new gadget by investing in some useful accessories that can help make photography a more exciting hobby or job for you. In need of some accessory suggestions? Here are some of available accessories you should consider investing in as well to complement your new camera.

accessories for cam

  1. Tripod

Any photography enthusiast or professional will agree that having a tripod is essential to taking shots, especially in situations where precision is required. A tripod enables you take images in desired or appropriate angles. But when buying, you want to make sure that the tripod you go for is perfect for your camera and your needs. Tripods vary widely in prices with aluminum products being less expensive than carbon fiber products, but also heavier. As a rule of thumb, the amount you pay should be just around 10% of your camera’s value.

  1. Shutter release

There may be times when you do not want your camera to shake when taking images. It may well be a case where the positioning of your camera does not make it feasible to trip the shutter manually. You will need a shutter release accessory in these scenarios. Some people might contend that the self-timer feature on cameras should suffice for these purposes, but this is often not practical. So, you should consider investing in a cable or wireless shutter release.

  1. External flash

New cameras usually come with integrated pop-up flashes. But the outcomes you get with a built-in, pop-up flash is nothing compared to what a flashgun can do for you. You have a choice between manual or automatic external flash, which delivers awesome pictures. Investing in off-camera flash will help you produce more solid and flattering images.

  1. Belt holster

Photographers walking about with cameras slung around their necks, using manufacturer-supplied straps, are sights many of us are used to. But that is the old-fashioned approach. You can now comfortably carry your camera around using a belt holster with camera clip. By having this accessory, you save yourself from the discomfort and inconvenience of carrying a camera around your neck.

  1. Cleaners

It is equally advisable to ensure you have necessary cleaners for your camera handy. It is normal for your device to gather dust and become dirty with time, so you want to make sure you are prepared to deal with this problem. You will need a blower and/or lens pen to get dirt and specks off the lens and body of your camera. Cleaner is also required for keeping your device’s sensor free of dirt and particles.

  1. Lens hood

You may also want to invest a little money in a lens hood to guard your camera’s lens from unfriendly elements or accidental knocks when moving about with the camera. The ideal lens hood should fit your snapper well to prevent darkening at the edge of images.

There are several more accessories you should consider having for your camera, including spare battery and memory cards. You can start with the suggested ones for now.