10 All American Dinner Party Themes Your Guests will Love

Having a party can be a stressful affair as it entails making hundreds (if not thousands) of decisions. The ultimate aim is to have the guests truly enjoy the get-together. It has been proven time and again that a themed event is more enjoyable than an un-themed one. So, today we will discuss top 10 themes in parties that your guests will surely love and praise you for.

dinner party theme

  1. Mardi Gras themed party– This is a highly popular and innovative style of celebration which is being used increasingly in weddings, birthdays, anniversaries etc. The Mardi gras is a true Southern American themed event that consist of decorations usually in purple, green and gold along with Cajun style cooking. Check out these smokers that will help you cook amazing southern style fish, chicken and beef for a fantastic Mardi gras themed party.
  2. Holiday Parties– Another classic all American way of celebration is to set the party around upcoming holiday themes. These include Christmas/New Year styled parties with red and green decorations that form the very essence of the season. Alternatively, you could host unusual themed parties such as GroundHog Day party, Presidents’ Day party etc.
  3. Favorite Movie/Book theme– These are particularly popular among members of book clubs that have read and loved a particular series of novels. For example, Harry Potter themed party, Twilight party and even Hunger Games Parties have been very popular among teens as well as adults who have enjoyed these series. Other popular ideas include party themes based on plays, or old classics like Casablanca
  4. Historical tea parties or flower parties– How about Downton Abbey themed party? You can set the table with candles, flowers and large centerpieces as seen on the show and also seat the guests across a large table. You could plan a traditional menu including watercress soup, poached salmon, Boeuf Bourguignon, and Raspberry Meringue for dessert.
  5. Colorful theme parties– Always a huge hit classic, parties based around a certain color are very popular for kids’ birthdays. (You can have a lime or lemon green colored party or alternatively choose simple black and white/monochromatic party). You could use food color for the food taking care not to go overboard (especially if you are having unusual themes like purple colored party etc).
  6. Party based on signature dishes– Kids birthdays could simply include pizza or pasta parties, dessert parties etc. For grownups, you could include Mexican, Italian or other ethnic parties with foods coming from those regions. Side dishes and foods can also conform to these themes. Naturally, you should be comfortable and cook only those dishes you are confident of making. Else you might want to have the food catered from outside depending on your budget.
  7. Green themed party– Eco friendly parties usually consist of recyclable centerpieces, real plates and silverware instead of disposable ones, and food that is organic and local etc. You could ask guests to carpool in order to reduce carbon footprint.
  8. Potluck parties– Asking the guests to bring food based on a theme can also work well. For example, you could have an all-bread or a ‘seafood only’ party ensuring that you include all courses like appetizers, main course, dessert etc.
  9. Mini Desserts only party– Have friends with a sweet tooth? Then they will surely love the all-you-can-eat mini desserts party. Again, you could also base these on Halloween or Valentine’s Day themes. Make sure you bake all the goods beforehand and keep these portion sizes very small. This is because; most people are overwhelmed by large sized dessert portions.
  10. Vegan or vegetarian themed party– Given the number of people turning vegetarian or vegan, parties with this theme are a surefire hit. There are plenty of recipes in veganism and vegetarianism and you can even ask one of the guests to explain or talk about why they have adopted this diet.

We hope these are plenty of ideas to help you make your next party a grand success. For more party planning ideas, click here.

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