10 Things Going Right in the USA in 2014

America is far from perfect but there are a lot of things going right in the country this year. Here is a breakdown of the things that are going really well in the country, right now.

1.   Friendliness American’s default expression is a smile. This can be attributed to our confidence in ourselves as well as being a country of extroverts. We have a skill and a talent with connecting with our neighbors and strangers and this ability has kept us feeling grounded and connected.

2.   Pride in Our Culture. It wasn’t very long ago, that Americans started to feel bad about them. We lagged behind much of the world in education and economics but that gap has been bridged and we are once again a strong educational and economic force.

3.   Free Speech. We don’t always like what the other person is saying, but boys are we proud they have the right to say it. In this regard, we are far ahead of most of the rest of world.

4.   Higher Education. We have some of the best universities in the world and top students from across the globe, flock to our country because of our outstanding educational opportunities.

5.  Our Armed Forces. Many of us are “war-weary” but that hasn’t dimmed the pride we have in our armed services people or our military. And that pride is well founded, despite the hardships our militaries face, they are still some of the best armed forces in the world and we continue our tradition of using our military force to bring democracy to other parts of the world.http://culture.squidoo.com/awful-things-about-the-army

6.   Diversity in America.Right now, America is more diverse than it has been in any point in history and the majority of Americans are embracing this diversity.

7.  Optimism and confidence. Hope America was born with an attitude of optimism and confidence. Today, we are using that confidence to fight poverty, societal injustices, and corruption. We are advancing the sciences and discovering cures at an astronomical rate and all because we have an internal belief that we can do it.

8.  The Rule of Law. We had a few shaky years, but America is getting back to being a country that is governed by law and not by men. We are starting to push back against political corruption and we are demanding that justice be doled out fairly and according to the law.


9.  Jobless Rate. Things were dire for a few years but the job market is getting better and the jobless rate is decreasing. America’s job market still isn’t as robust as it once was, but it is quickly getting better. There are fewer people out of a job this year, than there has been in the past few years.

10.  Healthcare. The healthcare roll out was rough. And most people thought it would fail. There was a lot of back and forth among the political parties but finally, the affordable care act is gaining traction and providing a real benefit to Americans. Because of it, almost 9 million Americans now have affordable health care coverage.

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