6 Accessories You Should Have for Your Camera

So you have just bought a DSLR or compact digital camera and you are looking to get the best out of it. You can get more out of your new gadget by investing in some useful accessories that can help make photography a more exciting hobby or job for you. In need of some accessory suggestions? Here are some of available accessories you should consider investing in as well to complement your new camera.

accessories for cam

  1. Tripod

Any photography enthusiast or professional will agree that having a tripod is essential to taking shots, especially in situations where precision is required. A tripod enables you take images in desired or appropriate angles. But when buying, you want to make sure that the tripod you go for is perfect for your camera and your needs. Tripods vary widely in prices with aluminum products being less expensive than carbon fiber products, but also heavier. As a rule of thumb, the amount you pay should be just around 10% of your camera’s value.

  1. Shutter release

There may be times when you do not want your camera to shake when taking images. It may well be a case where the positioning of your camera does not make it feasible to trip the shutter manually. You will need a shutter release accessory in these scenarios. Some people might contend that the self-timer feature on cameras should suffice for these purposes, but this is often not practical. So, you should consider investing in a cable or wireless shutter release.

  1. External flash

New cameras usually come with integrated pop-up flashes. But the outcomes you get with a built-in, pop-up flash is nothing compared to what a flashgun can do for you. You have a choice between manual or automatic external flash, which delivers awesome pictures. Investing in off-camera flash will help you produce more solid and flattering images.

  1. Belt holster

Photographers walking about with cameras slung around their necks, using manufacturer-supplied straps, are sights many of us are used to. But that is the old-fashioned approach. You can now comfortably carry your camera around using a belt holster with camera clip. By having this accessory, you save yourself from the discomfort and inconvenience of carrying a camera around your neck.

  1. Cleaners

It is equally advisable to ensure you have necessary cleaners for your camera handy. It is normal for your device to gather dust and become dirty with time, so you want to make sure you are prepared to deal with this problem. You will need a blower and/or lens pen to get dirt and specks off the lens and body of your camera. Cleaner is also required for keeping your device’s sensor free of dirt and particles.

  1. Lens hood

You may also want to invest a little money in a lens hood to guard your camera’s lens from unfriendly elements or accidental knocks when moving about with the camera. The ideal lens hood should fit your snapper well to prevent darkening at the edge of images.

There are several more accessories you should consider having for your camera, including spare battery and memory cards. You can start with the suggested ones for now.

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