Grooming America, the Man and One’s Finances

new americaAcross this great nation on any given morning there is a specific ritual that is accomplished throughout the land. For the most part each man stands in front of a mirror in the bathroom and performs the daily ritual of removing facial hair. For the most part this is done with a disposable safety razor, hot water and shaving cream. The shaving device may have anywhere from one to three safety razors incorporated into the shaving device. However, consider the grooming reasons for America, a man and his pocketbook by switching to a straight edge razor for shaving.

There are many reasons why a man should consider shaving with a straight razor. Specifically, three of those reasons could be that with each shave there is an impact on the environment, money savings and the fact that the experience provides a closer shave. One of the best reasons to utilize a straight razor when shaving is that there can be a significant impact on the environment. Specifically, most men shave with a plastic safety razor that can contain anywhere from 1 to 3 blades within that shaver. Therefore, because the safety razor is designed to be disposable, when the blades become dull,8 the razor is thrown away.

Consequently, if one was to do the math, they would see that if a razor lasted anywhere from a couple of days to a week per individual over the course of a particular time frame, disposed razors would add up significantly. The significant outcome would be landfills filled with non-biodegradable plastic disposable shavers across the nation. Therefore, the best razors are straight edge razors that can help diminish the trash that is building up in our landfills for many years to come. Another reason that may be of benefit to an individual when thinking about utilizing a straight edge razor is a cost savings. This is due to the fact that safety razors are disposable and as such when they become dull and incapable of providing a close shave they are thrown away. The result is the individual needs to continually purchase safety razors. The benefit of the straight edge razor is that once the initial purchase is made along with the strap for continuing sharpening of the steel edge, there is no further need of the consumer’s money needed for razors. Consequently, after the initial purchasing of a straight edge razor, the money is recouped, after an initial time, with countless shaves being accomplished.

Finally, a significant reason for buying a straight edge razor is the comfort of shave realized as well as the closeness of the shave experienced. It is good to know that the value of a quality shave cannot be underestimated in regards to helping a man feel good about himself as well as making him feel more confident knowing that he is groomed to perfection.












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