Great Things to Do When You Are Taking a Break at a Lake

Taking a break from your busy work life is important if you want to manage work stress and fatigue effectively.  One of the biggest mistakes that so many people make when they take a break is that they think they need to rest and sleep most of the holiday.  Sleeping a lot is good for you but sleeping too much can actually make you feel depressed and even more tired.  A good, stress free holiday should combine fun adventures that will actually distract you from your current circumstances and give you something to talk about when you get back to work. Here are some of the top things you can do when you are going to a lake;


Kayaking is great fun and also affordable thanks to modern inflatable kayaks.  The best inflatable Kayaks deflates into compact and easy to store packages that you can simply pop into your car when you are heading to the lake.  You can inflate your kayak the moment you reach the lake and spend endless hours gliding through the clean waters of the lake.  Inflatable kayaks are becoming more and more popular because they can instantly transform any ordinary holiday into a little adventure without costing you too much and without taking up too much space.  It is much better to get your own kayak than to hire someone a kayak because you can go where you want and you won’t have to pay an expensive hourly rate.

Great Things to Do When You Are Taking a Break at a Lake


What is a trip to the lake without at least one fishing expedition?  Fishing is relaxing and it gets everyone out of the cabin so they can actually enjoy the fresh air and the cool waters and they can still relax while they wait for that fantastic catch.  You can even take your inflatable kayak and head to the depths of the lake to see if you can get a better fishing spot.

Hike around the lake

Hiking is great fun and it gives you a bit of exercise when you are on a holiday.  You can explore all types of strange plants and trees and marvel at some of the natural wild animals that make the lake their home.

Horse riding

If hiking is not your thing then you can always try riding a horse around the lake, if there are horses available at the lake that you are visiting.  Horses are therapeutic to both kids and adults and are a great way to distract you.

Star gazing at camp fire

You, friends and family will have a blast at star gazing if someone can bring a telescope along or perhaps simply enjoy the glittery vision above you next to a nice and warm camp fire.  Camp fires are great for catching up with friends, kids absolutely love the whole experience of singing and dancing around a fire and you get a fresh break away from all technological devices.

Some Great Jobs Women Can Have

There are a lot of women who have always struggled with wage inequality and being ostracized simply because of being women. Over the past years, this has somewhat improved with some women being able to acquire higher positions than men.

While some discrimination still exists in the work place with some industries mainly being dominated by men, this does not mean that women cannot get the jobs that they want and earn the wage that they deserve at the same time. If you are a woman who would like to get a job that is worth your talent and the effort that you can give then you can have any job that you want. Just remember that you have to have the skills for the job. At the same time, love for your job will also make a lot of difference.

Some Great Jobs Women Can Have

Advertising and Marketing

While it may be common for some men to work on advertising, more and more women are starting to get into the advertising industry and like men, they all have their own set of ideas that the world may need at present time. Women like you may be able to contribute more ideas that can actually reach out to people.


Once again, there are a lot of men and women who may work under sales. While men would be able to sell things depending on the technical details that they know about what they are selling, women may be able to make more sales by using their knowledge and at the same time, their charm to make people purchase what they are trying to sell. Women may be even more knowledgeable than men when it comes to other things that truly matter.

Voice Over Artist

More and more women are trying their luck with being female voice over artists online mainly because they know that there is a need for them to voice over various characters. There are voice artists that are needed not only on television but also on radios and some Internet videos that are being released online.


Think about the writers who are able to publish books right now. Most of the writers that are successful right now are women. This is probably because most of the readers are also women. Some men have reported liking the books that are also made by women as well.

Medical Industry

There are a lot of women who are currently working at the medical industry mainly because they have the heart to make their jobs as worthwhile as possible. A lot of women doctors and of course nurses are able to do their jobs well. But of course, this does not mean that men are unable to do their jobs well too. It is all about loving the job that you will choose.

These are just some of the industries and jobs that women are known to excel in. Of course, women can do well no matter what industry they will be placed as long as they know the right things to do and as long as they are always determined to make it.

Self-managed superannuation funds

Superannuation in Australia refers to the arrangements which people make in Australia to have funds available for them when they retirement. In Australia it is government-supported and encouraged and minimum provisions are compulsory for employees.

One can withdraw funds out of a superannuation fund when the person meets one of the conditions of release contained in Schedule 1 of the Superannuation Industry Regulations 1994.

Since its introduction, employers have been required to make compulsory contributions to superannuation on behalf of most of their employees. This contribution was originally set at 3% of the employees’ income, and has been gradually increased by the Australian government.


The compulsory superannuation combined with the resilient economic growth has turned Australia into a shareholder society, where most workers are now indirect investors in the stock market. Consequently, a lively personal investment marketplace has developed, and many Australians take an interest in investment topics.

Employers on the other hand are required by law to pay a superannuation guarantee contribution amounts to a designated superannuation fund for their employees at 9.5% of their wages and salaries. Employers are not required to make employer contributions for employees earning less than $450 per month not working more than 30 hours per week, or for employees aged under 18 or over 70. If however they are earning $450 per month before tax and working more than 30 hours per week full-time, part-time or casual, the employer is required to pay superannuation regardless of being under 18. They are also required to complete one per tax year. Employer contributions are required to be paid to a fund at least every three months. The superannuation contributions are invested over the period of the employees’ working life and the sum of compulsory and voluntary contributions, plus earnings, less taxes and fees is paid to the person when they choose to retire. The sum most people receive is predominantly made up of compulsory employer contributions.

There are special rules which apply in relation to employers providing defined benefit arrangements. Also there are less common traditional employer funds where benefits are determined by a formula usually based on final average salary and length of service.

The Self-managed superannuation funds work as trusts with trustees being responsible for the prudential operation of their funds and in formulating and implementing an investment strategy. Some specific duties and obligations are codified in the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993. Trustees are liable under law for breaches of obligations. Superannuation trustees have, inter alia, an obligation to ensure that superannuation monies are invested prudently with consideration given to diversification and liquidity.

Funds are not subject to any asset requirements or investment exposure flaws. There are no minimum rate of return requirements. However, there are some minor restrictions on borrowing and the use of derivatives and investments in the shares and property of employer sponsors of funds. Therefore, superannuation funds invest in a wide variety of assets with a mix of duration and risk/return characteristics.

Types of superannuation funds

There are seven main types of superannuation funds:

  • Industry Funds — they are multiemployer funds run by employer associations and/or unions. They are run solely for the benefit of members as there are no shareholders.
  • Wholesale Master Trusts — they are multiemployer funds run by financial institutions for groups of employees. These are also classified as Retail funds by APRA.
  • Retail Master Trusts/Wrap platforms — are funds run by financial institutions for individuals.
  • Employer Stand-alone Funds — are funds established by employers for their employees. Each fund has its own trust structure that is not necessarily not shared by other employers.
  • Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs or Do-It-Yourself Funds) — are funds established for a small number of individuals (limited to 4) and regulated by the Australian Taxation Office. Generally the Trustees of the fund are the fund members (where there is a Corporate Trustee, the members are the directors of that company).
  • Small APRA Funds (SAFs) — this are funds established for a small number of individuals (fewer than 5) but unlike SMSFs the Trustee is an Approved Trustee, not the member/s, and the funds are regulated by APRA. This structure is often used for members who want control of their superannuation investments but are unable or unwilling to meet the requirements of Trusteeship of an SMSF.
  • Public Sector Employees Funds— are funds established by governments for their employees.

Read more: Taxation of Superannuation in Australia

Do More With Payroll Service Australia

Do you find it hard to maintain a good payroll system in your office? Would you like to allot more time on doing other functions yet tied up on payroll? Are you looking to be free from any payroll hassles? Do you realize that by hiring payroll services can cut some costs on processing of payroll? If so, then you may want to learn more about the characteristics on how effective is payroll services as opposed to in-house payroll department.

payroll services

  1. Being accountable. When you hire a reputable payroll service, you can make sure that they will be accountable for any sort of errors that they make. They will quickly identify and correct the mistakes. Errors made from such providers are very minimal because they have error checking system that is built-in their software. This can catch errors prior to the money transfers and check issuance to your company.
  2. Compliance with the law. The can guarantee that they will follow the tax law of various levels such as local, state and federal laws.
  3. Transfer of data online. With the fact that payroll is very important for any company, a good payroll service company enable online data transfer. It will ensure fast and smooth delivery of the required data right on time. Aside from that, quick accessibility should be available through online systems of web interface. With the web based access, your company will not be required to install and maintain any sort of software.
  4. Billing is flexible. A range of fee arrangements would be offered by payroll service Australia. It will allow you to select which among the payment scheme would work for you and your company.
  5. Online tools. A variety of online tools that your company can benefit from will also be offered. It includes payroll stub viewing, printing and many more. Business owners can also benefit from the online tools offered by payroll services.
  6. Provide top notch customer service. No matter which service you opt to get, customer service must be among the top characteristic of a provider. A reputable payroll service provider should be able to attend to any of your payroll related query within the quickest time. It should be before taking advantage of the service, while you have the service and even after the service.
  7. Offering advanced assistance. Your chosen company should be able to deliver more than what you expect. Just like payroll service Australia, they can offer various services for your company that can absolutely reduce having any issues with payroll. Hence, efficiency will be at its highest level.

There can be a lot of payroll service providers to select from. However, only a few would offer you exactly what you need at a cost that you can manage. Hence, you need to choose wisely which company to hire. To get started, trying out the services of can be a great choice. The services they provide are simple, fast yet efficient. With all these qualities on hand, you can never go wrong with your payroll.

Understanding the Basics of Voltage Drop

The reduction in the supplied energy of a voltage source as electric current passes through the passive elements of an electrical circuit is described as voltage drop. Put simply, it is the decrease in voltage as current moves through a wire in an electrical circuit. This phenomenon can lead to serious electrical issues if allowed to get out of hand. What causes a voltage drop and what are its effects? What can you do to avoid issues where this phenomenon is concerned?

Acceptable drop

It is not an unusual thing for some level of energy to be lost to the wire conducting it. But the real problem arises when the voltage drop is greater than set limits. There are voltage drop thresholds for different conductors, depending on type, amperage, load and length. In the US, the National Electric Code (NEC) sets the maximum voltage drop at 5% with a view to ensuring power efficiency. Anything beyond that limit is considered excess voltage drop.


Causes of excess voltage drop


The resistance level of an electrical circuit plays a major role in the degree of voltage drop. The higher the level of resistance, the greater the voltage drop. High resistance, which is characterized by less power reaching the load, is often attributable to the use of wires that are not compliant with code standards. This means the use of a wire that is not suitable for a particular circuit.


High resistance is not only caused by ineffective wires. It could also result from issues at wiring junctions or at outlet terminals. These problems include loose connections in a circuit or poor splices in it. High resistance may also occur as a result of corroded connections in a circuit.


Effects of a voltage drop


This electrical phenomenon can cause electrical equipment to malfunction. Low voltage causes electrical equipment powered with it to work in an irregular manner. If care is not taken, an excess voltage drop can make a piece of equipment to become damaged and stop working. Low voltage may even cause the load to perform harder and this does not make for efficient use of energy.


Voltage drop can cause heat to surge at a high resistance connection. In a situation where sufficient ventilation is not provided or there is a combustible material near the heating connection, a fire incident could result. A good number of fire incidents every year are caused by defective wiring, switches and receptacles.


Protecting against voltage drop


The most important step you can take to guard against problems such as fires that could result from voltage drop is the use of appropriate wires. Since wire that does not meet electrical code standards are responsible for high resistance, it then follows that the use of appropriate, standard wires can help guard against voltage drop. The use of a voltage drop calculator will be helpful in choosing the right wire and size.


There are times when a voltage drop occurs after some major appliances such as refrigerators and air conditioners are turned on. These appliances need and draw significant current to function, possibly at the expense of other smaller appliances and lighting fixtures. This type of voltage drop can be remedied by having dedicated circuits installed for these major appliances.


Voltage drop can bring issues which you will rather wish to do without. Steps should be taken to ensure that this electrical phenomenon is guarded against — this will very likely require the help of qualified electricians.

How to Become a Certified Nursing Assistant

The usefulness of a certified nursing assistant in a medical setting cannot be overemphasized. Probably as a testament of this fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts job outlook of 21 percent for the profession through 2022. This is no doubt a good reason to consider working as a CNA. Perhaps, you are already contemplating becoming a CNA, or know someone who is, and you are wondering how to go about it. Read on.

Who is a Certified Nursing Assistant?

A CNA is part of what is called unlicensed assistive personnel. This class of paraprofessionals usually works under the supervision of registered nurses (RNs) or licensed practical nurses (LPNs). A CNA assists patients or individuals with health care needs in performing such tasks such as dressing, feeding or eating and bathing, amongst others. Given the nature of their duties, CNA may work for several hours standing.

Becoming a CNA

The only reason you are probably reading this is for ideas on how to become a CNA. What steps should you take?

certified nursing assistant

Determine fit – The first step to take toward becoming a CNA is to determine how appropriate such a job is to your person. You need to be fully aware and prepared for the sort of tasks you may have to handle. This could include changing dirty bed sheets, taking care of bed pans and, of course, relating patiently with people in need of care and attention. It is also advisable that you determine how appropriate working as a CNA will be to your long-term career goal.

Register for CNA classes – You have options when it comes to registering for classes. If you are too busy to attend or not ready for classes in a campus setting, you can look for CNA classes to take online. This means you can keep your day job while learning on the side. Aside being flexible, online CNA courses are also less-expensive compared to conventional classes.

Undergo training – After deciding the form of CNA classes you want, it is time to complete requisite training. CNA training programs take any length of time from 3 weeks to 6 months. A program usually involves reading, discussions and online assignments, amongst others. One argument for campus CNA programs is that they allow access to practical training, not just theories. But then, a good online program will also provide practical, hands-on training.

Take and pass exams – It is required for anyone aspiring to become a CNA to undergo at least 75 hours of classroom and practical training. At the completion of this compulsory training, you are expected to sit for and pass necessary examinations to qualify for a CNA license.

Use your certificate – You have done all that is required once you get your license, right? Not exactly. It is required for CNAs to be employed for their license to remain valid. Your license may become void after being unemployed as a CNA, or similar, for more than two years.

If you think yourself a caring, patient and understanding person, working as a CNA might just be perfect for you. There is also opportunity to become a registered nurse or other allied health professional by taking relevant courses.

How To Choose a Bookkeeper

With literally every person (and their dog) working as a Book keeper these days, how do you know which one suits your needs? New Americans are simply spoilt for choice when it comes to finding and hiring accounting and bookkeeping companies and services for their needs. So, in this guide, we give you important tips for choosing the right bookkeepers for your business.

First of all….consider your own requirements as to why you need a bookkeeper in the first place.

choose a bookkeeper

Try and identify your business’s characteristics before selecting a bookkeeper

  1. Are you a small or medium sized business that has been, as of now, keeping your own books?
  2. Are you a start-up?
  3. Are you off shoring or outsourcing your bookkeeping currently?
  4. Do you already have a full or part time bookkeeper?

Once you identify and know these things you can understand your own requirements. Most businesses need to consider a new bookkeeping solution because their business is growing rapidly and/or the current solution is no longer suitable. Also, most small businesses are wary of hiring an accountant that charges hourly for a full time post and need to find a part time or cheaper service. In any case, this requirements list will help you shortlist the service providers..

Is s/he qualified and registered?

Did you know that starting August 2010, every book keeper in the country has to be registered with the Tax Practitioner’s Board? Naturally, you are wise enough to select a book keeper based on his qualifications and that s/he would have minimum level of experience. Additionally, do try and ensure that the person is also registered with the Board. You can also check out the official Bookkeeper website to learn more in this matter.

 Have a talk about the role you want him/her to play

Naturally, you would be meeting your shortlisted bookkeepers in person. When you do so, be very clear about what your expectations from him/her are and also the deadlines you want him to adhere to. Outline all the duties you’d want them to complete. Set realistic goals and deadlines so that you have all the information you need when you want it rather than when it suits your bookkeeper to deliver the same. Most bookkeepers charge by the hour so you must try and make the most of it.

Comparing rates

As with any job, it is of utmost importance that you compare quotes from various accountants. You certainly do not want to base your decision only on the amount they charge; the higher the experience, the greater the rate naturally would be. But remember: more experienced accountants would also likely finish the work faster than the less experienced candidates.  The more qualified accountant would also prepare the books in an error free manner than ones prepared by less experienced keepers.

Keeping ahead of changes

A good bookkeeper will always be abreast of latest changes and developments in the laws related to taxes etc. To assess if this is the case, subject the candidates to various questions pertaining to rules and regulations. Ask them what steps they will take for your business practices and laws pertaining to GST.  Also try and assess whether your shortlisted bookkeeper can offer more value added services rather than just doing the accounts.


Finally, your chosen accountant must also match with your personality.  You should strike an instant rapport with the selected candidate. If not,  you’d be less likely to feel comfortable in calling him/her each time you need specific advice for the business or for asking them for tailor-made solutions  for your requirements.

We hope these tips come in handy when selecting a good bookkeeper to help maintain your books.


How and why to become an X-ray technician

If you’re thinking about becoming an x-ray technician, then you are on a wise professional track. While many people have lost their jobs in the past 5 or 6 years due to the financial crisis, some careers have not only held steady, but have actually grown. One career that has done very well, even in times of economic crisis, is the x-ray technician profession.


Plus, now that the economy is getting back on track- the unemployment rate is improving and the job market is improving according to this website– the x-ray technician profession is doing better than ever. In fact, it is estimated that by 2022 this particular career will have over 20 percent growth. That is very good news in an otherwise bleak job market.

Why should I become an x-ray technician?


So, why has this field survived, and even thrived, where others have failed? The truth is that the medical field will always be a good option because no matter what people will continue to need medical services, in good and bad economic times. As long as medical services are needed, x-rays will be around, and therefore, qualified x-ray technicians will be in demand.


Aside from being not only a stable, but a growing profession, x-ray technicians earn an average of $52,000, which is quite good considering only a certificate or associate’s degree is required. In fact, this is one of the highest 2-year-degree paying professions; another aspect that makes this field a great career choice.


How to become an x-ray technician


To become an x-ray technician you’ll need either a relevant degree or a certificate. The certificate program in radiology usually takes a year and a half to two years (full-time) to complete. You’ll take several courses, and at the end of the program be awarded a certificate in radiology. If you take this route, make sure you choose a program certified by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology.


If you decide to go for a college degree, you can choose between the associate’s degree (usually 2 years full-time) or the bachelors degree (usually 4 years full-time). Because it’s less of a commitment, many opt for the associate’s degree, but the bachelor’s degree is a good idea if you want to specialize in a certain type of radiography (for example, mammography or MRI), or if you are looking for advancement opportunities. X-ray technicians that possess a bachelor’s degree usually have a better chance of being promoted to positions such as supervisor, administrator, or even chief x-ray technician. Whether you opt for the associate’s or bachelor’s degree, once you’ve finished you’ll then need to be certified and registered with the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists.


To find out more about the educational requirements and salary opportunities for X-ray technicians, you can read more info here.


If you’re looking for a stable and growing career opportunity in the medical field, but don’t want to spend the time and money that medical school requires, consider the well-paid and stable profession of x-ray technician.