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Planning a music festival in your community? And, why not? People of your community deserve a little time out after all the hard work they do for the society and for each other. Arranging a day long musical fiesta can unite all the people in your neighborhood and help everyone to have a wonderful day together. And what more can people ask for if some long-lost, classical instruments are flaunted in your music fest? To make the day more special, you can even arrange a small musical performance using the traditional instruments to make your people feel the wave of nostalgia for the life they had left behind them.

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Why are flutes an eminent musical instrument?

Whenever you are trying to name some classical instruments, I bet, the word ‘flute’ first comes to your mind, followed by sitars, violins, oboes, etc. And why wouldn’t they? Flutes are considered one of theoldest man made musical instruments. These are small and high-pitched band implement that creates a whistle-like sound. But due to the high usage of modern instruments like guitars, pianos, electric keyboards, etc. the soothing sound of flutes is heard very less nowadays.

Types of flutes

Flutes come in various shapes and sizes. When we speak of modern flutes, there are six main types:

  • Bass flute in C- high pitched flutes, with one octave lower than the ordinary flutes
  • Alto flute in G- a form of transposing instrument, which is notated a 4th above its actual sound
  • Tenor flute- type of flute that is pitched one step lower than the C flute
  • Concert flute in C- C-pitched flute, with its range over three octaves
  • Soprano flute in E flat- flutes having a range of three octaves
  • Treble flute in G- flutes with a three octave range, starting from g1. It is also a transposing instrument, with a pitch a 4th lower than their actual sound.

It will be amazing if you can manage to display all the types of flutes mentioned above in your community festival. And if you are planning to buy flutes for your event, then there is a great news awaiting you. You can get flutes for sale in any shop of musical instruments. You can even opt for buying flutes online if you are planning to buy in bulk, as the online retailers tend to offer lower prices than the usual.

Taking care of your flute

Once you have bought the flutes, it is essential to take good care of them. The following are some practical tips on caring for your flute:

  • Make sure your hands are clean and dry while handling a flute  During assembly, always remember to hold the parts of the flute on the edge and not on the keys
  • Never use metal polish on your flute
  • Never lubricate your flute
  • If you are not using a flute, disassemble and store it inside your case
  • Always clean your flutes after using them to prevent the deterioration of the pads

Now that you have a good idea about flutes, it will be easier for you to arrange the folk musical event that you are dreaming of for your community. Hire some professionals to play them and have a wonderful day with your family and neighbors.

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