Explore South America on a Horse Back

Anyone who loves adventure certainly loves horseback riding. And anyone who hasn’t tried it yet definitely dreams of trying it. For many, horseback riding is a wonderful treat that should be experienced.

There are many places in the world where you can fulfill your dream to ride a horse, but one of the best places to do this is in South America. With its wide open spaces, wonderful rain forests, breathtaking mountain views, towering waterfalls, and intriguing islands, South America is an ultimate destination for a horseback riding vacation.

There are many choices of location to ride in South America, such as in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Uruguay, and Brazil. These places also have a lot of different horseback riding holidays that you will truly enjoy and will make you appreciate their culture. And wherever you go, you can easily find fine horses, such as the famous Criollos and Peruvian Pasos. You can also have the opportunity to ride on them while touring in the Inca Empire in Peru, Atacama Desert in Chile, Galapos Islands in Ecuador, wide open pampas in Argentina, and large plateau in Brazil.

riding horse

The length of tour you’ll experience depends on your personal preference. Touring companies in South America offer different touring packages, from one to multi- day travels. They also provide different riding trip, from adventurous camping to comfortable accommodation. Again, your choice depends on your personal choice (what’s the most comfortable for you) and how much budget you have. Depending on the length of the tour, the touring company will provide you the equipment you need, in addition to the horses and saddles, including camping tents, food, cooking items, and any fees along the route you’ll take. All you need to bring are personal items and other important stuff for your comfort, including sleeping bag, air mattress, flashlights, batteries, and clothing.

To make the most out of your horseback riding adventure, make sure that you have all the supplies that you need before travelling. Check the website of the touring company or search online to determine the exact list of what you need to bring, and purchase them on reputable shops, like in One Stop Equine Shop.

Once your things are ready, you can already enjoy your trip to the beautiful sights of South America. However, keep in mind that horseback riding requires certain physical fitness, strength, and some horseback riding skill, especially if you plan to make long tours. You might want to work on your physical health, too, before taking the trip to truly enjoy the experience. The thing is most of the routes to your destinations are too rough for a vehicle that the only way to reach them is through horses. So be ready and enjoy!

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