The official Gallup poll states that Southerners are more likely to have bad teeth. Fact?

GALLUPGallup is one of the official American based polling research companies that has gained notoriety for credibility in their polls and now has offices worldwide. Its polls are taken seriously. It works with top businesses and organizations around the world to help provide highly accurate statistics. The name Gallup floats around news organizations and popular media especially around election periods. You might have heard of it. However, this article isn’t about Gallup, it’s about one of their polls they researched that found out in their results that Southerners in the U.S. are less likely to visit the dentist.

They stated that among the results it seemed that it was possible that it was due to lower household income in the South. That, and as well as the fact that higher amounts of uninsured Americans are located in the southern states. According to the Gallup poll, the bottom of the poll listed 10 states for dental visits and were all southern states. The poll said that they were less likely to visit the dentist. It helped show why by targeting it due

Southerners have always gotten a bad rep for teeth it seems. For some reason, media has always made it a point to show that stigma and it’s grown to be more or less an urban legend that has now been proven to be true. At least by the Gallup poll. Southerners have been teased and labeled for poor teeth standards for ages. Now we find out, that yes, it does carry truth to it.

It doesn’t matter where you live however, teeth health is important. People don’t realize that poor brushing and care habits that lead to issues with teeth can cause other problems as well. On the list of such problems are cardiovascular, respiratory infecti8ons and also diabetic complications as well. Take a visit to and see about teeth care products and other information from teeth whitening to the best electric toothbrushes around.

Speaking of electric toothbrushes, it’s’ worth the investment to make in one as they provide a cleaning that is simple and on point to get a good brushing. They range in prices too from $5.00 to the $200 dollar range. You can do research on electric toothbrush reviews to see why such a difference in price and what would work best for you.

It’s truly a shame that demographics come into play when it comes to dental care. Everyone should take good care of their teeth. If its funds that hold you back, hit up a dollar store and grab a toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste and you’re only out 2 bucks. That’s all it takes when you want to get to the basics. There is no reason why we shouldn’t take care of our pearly whites. As mentioned before, poor teeth care can lead to other health complications, and there’s no reason for that. Check it out, visit your dentist regularly and who cares where you live, treat your teeth well and they’ll treat you back with a good health report and a great smile.

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