If you have just begun trading stocks at the stock market, you know exactly how daunting it can be. You most probably feel lost more often than not and might be constantly seized with fear for your stocks, as you never know when the prices may go down. And on top of that, you need to think about the fees, such as sending the stock broker your money and paying for every initiated trade. There are just so many investments that some don’t even know where to begin, and so, what do you do in such a case? This is where Loyal3 comes to your rescue. To learn more about Loyal3, read their review at http://rethinkretired.com/.

What is Loyal3?

Loyal3 is an online stock broker that is based in San Francisco, which allows people to start trading stocks without the added fees. Additionally, investors are also given the opportunity to access IPOs when they are available.

They first began in 2013 as a company that wanted to provide something new in the world of investments. You won’t have to deal with sophisticated trading tools that look intimidating enough at first glance for anyone to quit thinking about investing in stocks. Instead, what you will get is a platform that is easy to use, so much so that young adults use it as a method to start building up a financial portfolio.

No fee policy

Many people are skeptical about their claim of no fees, as everyone knows that there are fees related to every trade. This is how this works; Loyal3 is mainly an equity building organization, and so, they try and help companies to move into positions where an IPO can be offered. These companies then pay fees for Loyal3’s services, meaning that the company will pay for your transactions, as they want you to hold their business’s equity. This way, you, as an average trader, don’t have to pay for each transaction. Furthermore, this clearly means that everything that you invest will go towards the purchase of the stock, every single penny. Find out more at Rethink Retired.

This company gives people the chance to own the brands that they love. You can purchase fractional shares at a maximum rate of $20,000 per month per stock and $10,000 for each transaction. This is a platform that is only limited to the U.S. citizens, unfortunately, so people living anywhere else around the world cannot reap its benefits. However, U.S. citizens living abroad can use it to trade from overseas.

Bottom Line

This platform is a great method of investment for someone looking for a long-term investment with a small investment. You can use this to get involved with some stable brands, although you cannot do shorting or lock specific market prices, which can be a bummer to some. For those looking for undervalued brands, this can be a great way to get involved with some low-level buy orders. On top of it all, the IPOs are one of the best parts of this trading platform, as a beginner could build up some serious real-life net worth, which can be great for their financial portfolio

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