Protecting Your Freedom – How to Find Out Someones Phone Number that Called You

You absolutely have the right to know who called you. Was it a scammer? A harassing debt collector? An old flame? Whoever it is, if you want to exercise your right to know, do a reverse phone number lookup to find out who, exactly has been calling you. Revere number lookups are the easiest way to find out who is calling you but maybe you want to try other detective methods before paying the reverse phone lookup website fees. In that case, there are a couple other methods that could work for you.


This social media juggernaut should be one of the first places you look when you’re trying to find out who is calling you. Facebook has millions of users and it is amazing how many of those users add their phone number to their profile. It is true that most people add their phone number as a security measure—a way to access their account if they forgot their password. But Facebook has a spotty privacy policy and if someone doesn’t check their privacy settings on a regular basis, it is entirely possible that their phone number will have been made “public” during one of the many Facebook upgrades. To search Facebook for a phone number, just type the number into the Facebook search bar.http://www.civilfreedoms.org/?page_id=62

Try the White pages

It may sound old-fashioned but a surprising number of people are still listed in the white pages and other phone books and many of these directories have search bars that allow you to enter a phone number and a reverse search.

The reason many people are listed in phone directories is that you usually have to pay a few to be unlisted. This is great news if someone called you from a landline.

Try Major Search Engines

If the phone number has ever been listed on a blog, or public post it will probably be found through a search on Google, Yahoo, or Bing. You can then usually figure out who called you based on the information that comes up with the phone number. Even if a phone number is on a resume that is entered into a job searching website (Monster, Career), it can be found through a search engine.

Use Smaller Search Engines

There are a few niche search engines that just pull up information on people. Many times, you can enter the phone number that called you and these search engines will pull up any information related to that number. Figure out where the area code is from when you’re dealing with mobile phones, it can be harder to find information about who called you. One thing to try is to figure out where the area is from. Then narrow your search geographically.for more information, visit the original source.

Protecting Your Freedom

Call the number back this should be a last ditch effort and it takes a little planning. But sometimes the only way to know who is calling you is to call them back. However, to protect yourself, you should call from a phone that isn’t yours. It is also not a good idea to call from a work phone. Try to call from a pay phone (hard to find) or a phone at your gym or even a neighbor’s phone.

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