Self-defense: Safeguarding Yourself

We live in a harsh, violent world where murders, crimes, robberies, assaults are a usual phenomena. Albeit our government and law enforcers are trying their best to keep the felonious acts to a minimum level, it is our job to protect ourselves and our loved ones. And, that is when self defense comes in handy. Self defense is a great way to protect ourselves from our assailants. In order to do so, it is always best to keep yourself equipped at all times by carrying some self defense tools in person. But you need to be extra careful while choosing one, because not all weapons are made for everybody. So if a wave of panic hits you every time you think about buying the perfect self defense weapon for yourself,  then hold on to your seats as we are about to pull you out of your dilemma.

Pepper Sprays

Whether you are a young women walking alone by the streets or an elder person living on your own, pepper sprays are a phenomenal self defense tool that are beneficial to have around. They are light weight and portable. You can easily carry them on your bags, purses or even keep one in your car. The spray inflames the assailant’s mucous membranes of the eye, throat and lungs. This causes the attacker to close his eyes immediately and be temporarily blinded for good 30 minutes, giving you enough time to escape to safety. Pepper sprays come in all shapes and sizes. They can be disguised as lipsticks, pens, rings and so forth.

Taser guns

Taser guns are probably the most popular self defense weapon known. It is usually carried by the police and security officers, but is now available to the general public as well. This hi-tech weapon is extremely handy and can be placed in your bags and pockets. Taser guns temporarily disable the movement of your attacker’s body, giving you enough time to runaway. It does not kill anybody. The best feature about taser gun is that they can be fired from a distance up to 15 feet away from the attacker, helping you to keep a safe distance from your assailant. They are available in various designs and colors.

self defense


Many people think that the best way to keep oneself protected is by gun ownership. They give you a feeling of security and protection. Guns can be your ultimate weapon of defense against criminals and burglars. Carrying a handgun is enough to fend off an attacker or keep burglars at bay. Handguns are highly portable and you can carry them your bag, pockets or even in your hand. They come in diverse shapes and sizes. But make sure you are comfortable when you hold a gun. Handgun in the wrong hands and used inappropriately can be a recipe for a disaster.

Bottom line

There is a plethora of other self-defense tools other than the ones mentioned above. But before purchasing your ultimate weapon, make sure you know how to use them and understand the ramifications of carrying them. Mishandling of a weapon can cause a serious accident and may harm you instead.

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