The Bees Knees…

BEESknees_loBees are one insect that many of us don’t really like that much. Let’s be honest, they sting and can cause bad reactions in some people. But bees are often looked at in the wrong way. For one, they give us honey and no bees means no honey. They also play a massive part in keeping our planet working as it should and are in fact one of the world’s most important insect. Not just that, but bees are often used in horror films that doesn’t do a lot for their reputation. Below are a few films that have used bees to scare us all, but don’t worry…it’s not real!

Killer Bees (1974)

In this film there is basically a nutty woman that runs the family wine business and has psychic control over a swarm of bees that reside in her vineyard. As you can imagine, she uses this control to kill people who get in her way, and who gets the rough end of the stick? The bees, and it’s not their fault if they are forced to carry out these horrific attacks.

The Swarm (1978)

The swarm was a well-received horror film that starred Michael Caine and Richard Chamberlin. It was adapted from a novel of the same name. The plot is basically about a killer bee invasion that happens in Texas. Lots of people get stung/killed/mutilated and our heroes try all kinds of tactics to get rid of them including eco-friendly bombs and chemicals. Eventually they realise that the bees are attracted to the electric alarm system and they enlist the help of a nuclear plant expert to create a sonic alarm in a helicopter to lure the bees out to sea where they eventually burn them. Perhaps they should have used the commercial electrical services available instead? It sounds a lot safer than nuclear technology!

Black Swarm (2009)

This film stars one of the scariest actors in film history, Robert Englund, well known for his scary role as a child molester in the Nightmare on Elm street films. He plays a mysterious beekeeper who is keeping a secret. It seems that some scientist guy has developed genetically modified wasps for the army as they are vicious and kill anyone in their path. Yep, you guessed it, the beekeeper has some in his grasp and they get lose and attack everyone in the town.

Attack of the killer Bees (2013)

This is a short film that basically depicts a group of bees violently and needlessly attacking people in a big swarm. The special effects are quite good and it is scary. There is also a documentary of the same name made by the National Geographic and it describes how a swarm of bees can contain 80,000 stingers, chase predators for a quarter of a mile and together as a swarm they contain enough venom to bring down a large horse. Is it any wonder we are all scared of bees?

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