Why Don’t Americans Use Pressure Cookers for Cooking?

If you are like most Americans coming home tired after a long day’s work, then you are probably too exhausted to even think about making dinner. The result: you dig in the freezer for something fast and convenient, simply toss it in the microwave and eat it in front of the TV.

However, research has now proven that most frozen meals are packed with tons of sugar, sodium, and trans fats among other things all of which are bad for you. It is no wonder that diseases like hypertension, diabetes and obesity are on the rise in our great nation. All this can be changed by cooking meals at home from scratch like our mothers and grandmothers did. The key is to speed up cooking so that it no longer becomes a chore. Thankfully, we have many gadgets, appliances and methods at our disposal today. These can help us speed up cooking and produce great tasting food items just like conventional cooking methods do. An important among such time-saving appliances is a pressure cooker.

Why Use A Pressure Cooker?

A pressure cooker is similar to a Dutch oven, though some believe the former is faster and even more efficient in cooking food. People in many Asian countries have been using pressure cookers to cook food since centuries. It is believed that cooking in this utensil preserves nutrition which is otherwise wasted or destroyed using other means of cooking.

Now take a look at this statistic: a pot roast that would otherwise take 4 hours on the outside can be cooked in less than an hour’s time using a pressure cooker. And what’s more important, the dish tastes equally great-you simply cannot tell the difference!

Check out some more statistics regarding pressure cooker cooking convenience:

  • Make fork tender beef stew in 45 minutes, where normally it would take at least 2 hours.
  • Why use canned beans that are unhealthy, flavorless and packed with sodium that causes hypertension? Dried beans can be cooked to tender perfection in less than 20 minutes using a pressure cooker.
  • Do you wish to incorporate a high protein vegetarian diet? Then you must have legumes and lentils in your meals. You can easily cook lentils and dry legumes in less than 15 minutes using a stainless steel pressure cooker.

Pressure Cookers Have Unnecessarily Won a Bad Rap

The answer to the question why more Americans do not use a pressure cooker for cooking despite these aforementioned benefits is that the device has received a bad rap owing to certain recent happenings in United States. Yes, we are referring to the Boston Marathon. Most of you know what happened there: two brothers with evil intentions used the pressure cooker to create a homemade bomb. Naturally, we hope such occurrences are rare and that the appliance will be used only in a manner it is supposed to be used, and that is for cooking food.

The pressure cooker is generally a safe appliance, provided you know how to use its controls. Once you are used to the specific timings for specific food items, you can save a great deal of time, which can be used for other more important things. Many online sites can help you get recipes along with their timings using this appliance.

You can literally feed a hungry army with the help of a pressure cooker in less than an hour. You save time, money and fuel provided you know where to find the best pressure cookers. You can even replace or throw away some of your older pots and pans and replace them with a single pressure cooker. If you are finding yourself pressurized owing to a high pressure job which in turn is causing you to eat/feed unhealthy meals, (which in turn are compromising you and your family’s health), it is time you invest in a good quality pressure cooker.

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